Carson Roland

    Carson’s exploration of yoga asanas began in 2006 in a local community class. At first, yoga was used as a tool to gain flexibility and supplement other athletic endeavors. After several years of practice, she began to realize yoga was not only a great form of exercise, but it also had a way of healing the mind from the stresses of an over-scheduled life. After many years of practice, Carson has begun to enjoy a deeper exploration of alignment and continues to gain awareness of the subtle and physical body. Her constant practice is to allow for grace both on and off the mat and to be present in this age of constant distractions and to-do lists. Carson truly believes that yoga is for everyone and aims to create a sense of community and respect in each class. After eleven years of yoga practice, Carson received her 200 hour Yoga Alliance teaching certificate under the direction of Sarah Silverman and Marisol Brito. Carson’s classes focus on building strength for the mind and body while placing an emphasis on alignment and the breath. Off the mat, Carson enjoys hiking in the beautiful New Mexico sunshine, enjoying patio weather with her husband and dog, making her way through a never-ending list of books, traveling, and sharing adventures with family and friends

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