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Get Hip – A Hip Mobility & Alignment Workshop

January 31 @ 12:30 pm - 2:00 pm


Get Hip – A Hip Mobility & Alignment Workshop

Hip mobility = strength and flexibility
In this workshop you will learn what you need to know for strong and open hips on the yoga mat.
Opening the hips is one of the most popular requests of yoga teachers.  But, does what we do on the yoga make make sense given our anatomy?
Tight and weak muscle patterns lead to “holding patterns” in the body through how we sit, stand and other lifestyle choices.  These patterns follow us onto the mat and we even create new ones on the mat.  Learning how to mindfully relax while maintaining muscle engagement, allows the body more easily open. Its through balanced action the body will return to its unique blueprint making our life on and off the mat feel better.
In this workshop expect to learn:
  • How to align the hips preserving a neutral and relaxed lower back.
  • How to create strength while improving flexibility.
  • How to balance effort (muscle engagement) and ease (focused relaxation)
Practically you can expect to learn how to:
  • Unlock hip flexors
  • Awaken hip stabilizers
  • Maintain neutral hip position
Sun 1/31 12:30-2PM
$30 | $20 Bhava Lotus Members


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