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Bhava yoga studio is dedicated to bringing people together through a shared practice of alignment and wellness. The class provides an hour of power, playfulness, and self-awareness that will leave you feeling energized!


Move. Love. Meditate. is a movement and meditation class designed to reduce stress and provide you with a centered foundation to support the fullness and passion of your busy life. We begin this journey with a slow, nourishing, gentle flow to prepare the body, mind and heart for meditation and deep relaxation. Developed by Dr. Lorin Roche, Instinctive Meditation™ is an intimate, nonjudgmental technique that welcomes all of your unique thoughts, emotions, desires & experiences as natural doorways to being with your true self and your love of the life force..


Begin class w/ a slow and moderately active posture practice suitable for all levels, including beginners. Mid-way through class, you will be transitioned into a supportive restorative practice. The moving practice prepares the body for deep rest and renewal.


Yin yoga is a slow-paced and gentle style of yoga with poses held for a longer period of time. This meditative practice complements more active practices by targeting the connective tissues (joints, ligaments, fascia) and improving the flow of subtle energy. Great for all levels and stages of practice.


This practice is all about slowing down your mind and opening your body through passive stretching. During long holds of various seated and lying poses, your muscles and connective tissue (joints, ligaments, fascia) are given time to soften and let go, improving the energy flow. It’s a unique feeling because props are used to support your body in most of our classes. Yes, even while we are at home


Prana Vinyasa Flow, created by yogini Shiva Rea, is a creative, full-spectrum system of yoga that fully embodies the natural flow of life. Pairing breath, movement, and music, this all-level vinyasa class integrates the body0mind connection through prana, which is the universal source of breath, life force, and conscious intelligence.


Abbreviated and led primary series of ashtanga yoga dedicated to preserving the tradition of this vinyasa based practice.

RISE AND ALIGN (Saturday Morning)

Beginning with MINDFULNESS by slowing down and then get moving into an hour, all levels, ALIGNEMENT based yoga class where you will link your body and mind with breathing techniques that bring you into balance. Students will leave feeling centered and ready for the weekend. Beginners welcome!


Bring balance to the body by relaxing and revitalizing in supported postures that allow you to let go and relax fully. This class is great for all ages and levels of yoga. Calm your mind and renew your body with this healing practice.


This monthly class focuses on alignment principles as a path to deepen your understanding of basic postures while creating a path to more advanced postures.  Each class has a specific alignment principle applied to various types of postures.  Through repetition, students will gain clarity, build strength and gain greater insight into your yoga practice. This class is designed for students who want to deepen their practice. Watch Saturday schedule for this next class..


This alignment-based yoga class begins with a traditional warm-up. Then you will move through standing, seated and core activating poses using the targeted strength techniques stability through the core and the body’s central channel. Through consistent movement, the body will generate internal heat that helps open the body and detoxifies the organs. Experience the after glow of an empowering yoga class.


Lunar Prana Vinyasa Flow, created by yogini Shiva Rea, is a slow-moving, gentle vinyasa practice designed to calm the nervous system. Inspired by the restorative power of the Moon, this moving meditation is a reconnection to the natural flow of life through prana, the universal source of breath, life force, and conscious intelligence. Class ends with a long, spacious savasana.


An ongoing exploration into the practice of yoga with a focus on biomechanical alignment for ease of balancing flexibility and strength allowing the student to advance their personal practice. Ideal for the student new to yoga and for continuing students.


In this specially designed yoga class students experience grounding, strengthening, and calming techniques in an atmosphere that is engaging and age-appropriate.

This class is specially designed for this age group to challenge them and teach them postures, breathing exercises, and meditation.  Teens will discover how yoga helps the body, brain, and heart, giving them skills to manage the challenges of growing up.


This class is a synthesis of qigong (traditional Chinese energy work) and Vinyasa Yoga Flow sequencing.


This all-levels yoga class is designed specifically for those who have been diagnosed and treated for breast cancer. The focus is on stretching and strengthening with special attention to areas affected by treatment for breast cancer. Classes are taught by Stephanie Cornelius, creator of “Pink Prana Flow”.  In case you want to practice from home, this class is also offered live-streaming through Zoom  .

SHOULDER & NECK RELIEF YOGA (Not currently scheduled)

Tension builds over time in the neck and shoulders with stress and holding our heads in a forward position.  In this class, you will use yoga poses and meditation to help relive and release this tension, allowing you to reduce pain and discomfort.

Hope. Flow. Glow

HOPE. Lives within us as untapped potential
FLOW. Vinyasa yoga flow for all levels!
GLOW. Build from the inside to Shine Out!


In just 30 minutes, strengthen essential areas in your body to support your yoga practice. With focused alignment, sustained holds, and dynamic movement, strengthen key muscles and tap into your internal power.

KIDS YOGA HOUR (Ages 5-10 yrs)

This is an ongoing weekly class with Linda Brody.  On the 2nd Saturday of each month, Parents are INVITED to share in the practice

Children will explore yoga poses through nature, stories, songs, and other playful activities. Children will experience grounding, strengthening, and calming in an atmosphere that is engaging and fun. Not only do they learn yoga poses but they also learn how to self-regulate. Yes, they learn how to calm themselves down using yoga breathing and mindful techniques.

Bhava Yoga Series classes


Introduce yourself to healthy alignment and yoga poses at a pace that allows you to build your practice and strength safely. This class series is designed to allow you to ask questions so that this practice can specifically meet your needs and address concerns. Repeat this series until you feel confident enough to explore other class offerings. Take this series alongside the ongoing 60-minute Fundamentals class on Thursdays and see the yoga set in into your body and life!


This 6 week series with Marisol will give you the tools to experience a noticeable change in your physical strength and mental focus. Yoga for Strength cultivates a calm and balanced mind through a precise practice that strengthens key muscle groups. By developing a strong body and mind, your practice will become safer, allowing you to access more poses.


Learn how yoga can help you gain both stability and freedom of movement in the spine. This specialty class will focus on ways to decompress the spine, unload the discs, reduce or alleviate pain, restore healthy neutral curves, and nourish and release strained areas of the back, including the sacrum and SI joints, lumbar, thoracic, and neck. With informed use of props, a slow pace, and personalized attention, you may be surprised what is possible!

Mother and daughter doing yoga from home.


This 6 week series with Marisol will give you the tools to experience a noticeable change in your physical strength and mental focus. Yoga for Strength cultivates a calm and balanced mind through a precise practice that strengthens key muscle groups. By developing a strong body and mind, your practice will become safer, allowing you to access more poses.


In kid’s yoga classes, children experience grounding, strengthening, and calming in an engaging and fun atmosphere. By the end of the class, your child will feel grounded, centered, and connected to self, to others, and the wonders of nature. Classes are taught by Linda Brody, who teaches 1st-3rd grades and children’s and family yoga classes at Little Earth School in Santa Fe, where she has taught since 1993. Linda holds a 95-hour Yoga Alliance-recognized specialty certification in Children’s Yoga and a 50-hour certification in Therapeutic Yoga for Children from Global Family Yoga™. She has completed training for teaching yoga to toddlers. Class size is limited to 9; pre-registration is strongly recommended. (Note: There is a drop-in adult class that runs simultaneously with the kid’s class; get your yoga on too!)

Private Classes

Individualized instruction is an introduction to yoga, advancing in personal practice, or addressing therapeutic needs. Semi-private and private classes are also available. > Make an Appointment

  • Check-in at the desk before going into the classroom.
  • Arrive in time to be on your mat prior to class start time. If you arrive after the start of the class, wait until the centering or chant is over before going into the classroom.
  • Wear clothes in which you can comfortably move.
  • Yoga is done in the bare feet.
  • Please be free of all fragrances.
  • Turn off cell phones and pagers during class time.
  • Take valuables into the studio with you.
  • Yoga mats are provided for new students only. Continuing students are to have their own yoga mat. Mats are available for purchase at the studio.
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